Working to Ensure Your Company is meeting its Drug & Alcohol policies and goals.

A & D Consulting offers a wide array of DOT and non-DOT Alcohol & Drug Testing programs, training courses for supervisors and drivers, and auditing and consulting services. 

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A & D Consulting offers these services & more:

  • Supervisor Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training
  • Covers identifying the drugs that are to be tested for, what they look like, and the physical and behavioral profile of a user.

  • Employee Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training
  • Examines the details in the DOT drug and alcohol regulations.  Explains the testing process and which controlled substances are of interest to the tests.

  • Compliance, Safety, & Accountability (CSA) Company & Driver Training
  • Covers all elements required for both the driver and the company, including the seven BASICS.

  • Certified Screening Test Technician Training (STT)
  • Covers the process for initial alcohol tests with the use of both disposable and re-usable alcohol screening devices (ASD).

  • Certified Breath & Alcohol Training Technician (BAT)
  • Covers both initial and confirmation tests, calibration, and standards for conducting tests and reporting test results.

  • Certified Drug Screen Collector's Training
  • Covers the complete curriculum to certify a student to conduct both DOT and non-DOT drug tests.

  • Driver Pre- & Post-Trip Inspection Training
  • Covers Federally mandated pretrip/posttrip inspection requirements for drivers, especially with the new CSA  regulations pertaining to vehicle maintainance.

  • Full Consortium Drug & Alcohol Testing Program
  • Covers policy creation and review, random pool creation and maintainance, and various mandated training programs, including: Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training and Employee Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training.   Consortium services also include all required drug and alcohol testing forms along with expert consulting services.

  • Drug & Alcohol Policy Review/Creation
  • Covers review and correction of existing company drug and alcohol testing policies and/or creation of new company drug and alcohol testing policies.

  • DOT Consulting Services
  • Utilizes 24 years of experience in the drug and alcohol testing industry for both federally mandated Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT policy-oriented drug and alcohol testing programs.

  • DOT Mock Audits
  • If you are notified of a pending audit, don't fret, just call our experienced staff to help you find any issues and assist you in correcting the problems. Increasingly, many companies across the US will not allow their group to work with any company with a conditional or unsatisfactory safety rating, so keeping your company safety rating Satisfactory has never been more important than it is today.

  • Truth or Consequences Training with Doug Jilek
  • Why do accidents happen? How do we eliminate risk factors that lead to accidents which can result in injuries or even death? How do we help our most valued company assets, our employees, understand how not only their actions, but how they think can create a safer work environment? Through the Truth and Consequences Series you will find how truth is all around us. When you seek the truth, it will always lead you to freedom from the occurrence or unnecessary risk of error, which can cause injury, danger, or loss of life. In each one of us, we have the desire for truth, and it has been written that the truth will set us free. The questions are then “What is this truth?” and “Free from what?”

  • DOT Physicals with Carey Haugen
  • Carey has her Masters degree in Science and is a Board-Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist. Carey just passed the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry of Certified Medical Examiner's course and is now conducting Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals in our Grand Forks office.

  • First Aid/CPR
  • This is a six-hour first aid/CPR class with certification good for two years.

  • Blood-borne Pathogen Class
  • This class meets all OSHA guidelines.

  • File Maintenance Program
  • A&D Consulting will create and maintain a hard copy and an electric copy of all required files for drivers, trucks, and trailers. Other items included in this service are tracking and alerting when a driver’s files need to be updated or a truck's inspection is due. Also included in this service is monitoring and reporting to your company any violations or areas of concerns on your Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) Safety Management System report.